Our analysis

Any organisation is part of an ecosystem including many stakeholders that are part of its success. Suppliers, employees, customers and institutions all take part in the company’s development and growth. So the company needs to take their expectations and needs into account in their approach to sustainable development, in order to build long-term, quality relationships with them.

Your challenges

How to comply with legal requirements?

How to structure our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy?

How to take concrete action for the environment?

How to develop a local presence / links to the local community?

How to promote CSR commitments to my customers?

How to bring my employees together and involve them in our CSR approach?

Our services

Helping your organisation meet your sustainability challenges

From legal requirements to structuring your CSR strategy.

concrete actions

Implementing your CSR strategy
through initiatives that are best suited to your challenges.

Managing your projects and coordinating 
the stakeholders involved.


Raising awareness and connecting
your stakeholders.

Generating support and promoting
your CSR initiatives.

Our approach
Setting targets
Analysing your current context
Identifying your challenges
2defining solutions
Finding appropriate solutions
Building an action plan
Reverse scheduling
3supporting implementation
Implementing customised projects
Defining performance indicators
Internal and external communication
4continuous project monitoring
Measuring the effectiveness of implemented solutions
Monitoring performance indicators
Continuous improvement