The director of La Mitterie clinic cares about sustainability issues and bee colony collapse. ekodev set up a beehive in the clinic’s garden to take part in bee conservation while raising awareness among employees and patients.

In the long term, ekodev wants to use beekeeping as a wellness activity forpatients in the addiction centre. They will start working with hives as a tool for rehabilitation through biodiversity. The clinic was proud of its first steps in favour of biodiversity and wanted to go further: it planted a tree for each remarkable event, such as births.

Clinique de la Mitterie

La Mitterie clinic is specialised in post-trauma rehabilitation treatments. It combines medical care with physical training, nutrition programmes, risk prevention and psychological monitoring.

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Nathalie Lefebvre,
Sustainable development manager

A beekeeper recommended working with ekodev to set up a hive.

ekodev suggested various concrete initiatives to build a project which is integrated to healthcare pathways and brings people together. This was one of our main challenges! Setting up a hive, with the employees in beekeeping jackets, was a very funny and friendly experience for our patients.

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arbre planté pour chaque évènement clé
Formation des collaborateurs pour le bien-être des patients
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