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Aviva Happiness through biodiversity with the Bee Api’ project!

Aviva is committed to Sustainability and wanted to raise awareness among its employees.

Involving employees is essential to ensure the credibility of CSR initiatives. It is also a way to improve their well-being at work and sense of belonging. Moreover, the insurance company wanted to go further in its environmental strategy after certifying its headquarters in Bois-Colombes in HQE® Exploitation. With ekodev, Aviva engaged in this two-pronged project to commit to the environment and to raise awareness and decided to set up three hives on its rooftops.

ekodev brought employees together and arose their curiosity with conferences on climate, energy and biodiversity issues and fairtrade breakfasts. Aviva France employees were connected through this project in the “Bee Api’!” community. They took part in introductions to beekeeping as well as harvesting and potting the honey. In this way, they get an idea of what sustainable development in action is. This approach was successful and ekodev expanded its mission to regional agencies in Rouen and Le Mans.


3 million customers (private individuals, small and medium companies)

7.1 billion euro turnover

4,300 employees

ekodev projects for this client
Thibault de Saint-Simon,
Public Relations and Sustainability Manager

Aviva has made a commitment to be a sustainable insurance company. In order to succeed, it was important to involve our employees in this positive approach.

ekodev’s expertise and educational approach has won over our employees. Events were both innovative and well-adapted to us. It was simple and effective! The concept of beehives totally fits in with our HQE® approach. It is a new tool to raise awareness.

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