Fermes d'Avenir
Fermes d'Avenir Integrates an educational apiary into its ecosystem

The Fermes d’Avenir association aims to promote agroecology and permaculture. These techniques, applied to agriculture, are designedto recreate a balanced ecosystem within the farm. In order to achieve this, Fermes d’Avenir implemented initiativessuch as:

- creating an experimental farm in permaculture in Montlouis-sur-Loire, to prove that producing with healthy methods, on small plots and with little mechanisation is profitable.

- creating a network of agroecological farms and organisinga national contest to rewardgood practices.

- training and helping project leaders to set up their activity, change their own practices or convince policymakers of the positive impact and ecosystem services brought by common sense.

In order to go further in creating a harmonious ecosystem, ekodev financed and set up an educational apiary. Beekeeping is perfectly compatible with the logic of permaculture which aims to develop beneficial fauna to help cultures. When people visit the farm, they are taught about the ecological role bees play in maintaining ecosystems (pollination, etc.). An apiary is very useful; nothing is better at raising awareness than a concrete example.

Fermes d'Avenir

The Fermes d’Avenir association is located on the Bourdaisière estate. Its purpose is to encourage as many people as possible to launch their own ecological –and profitable- farming projects and to help them find the financial backing. Its main goal is to show that it is possible to create a stable job in organic farming on a single hectare.

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Fermes d'Avenir
Lucie Rousselot,Deyrolle pour l'Avenir

We have been working with ekodev for a long time on awareness projects and various activities (preservation of the forest, experiments in agroecology).

We share the same vision and we are happy with their professionalism.