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Groupe Up Raising employees’ awareness about biodiversity

Groupe Up is always looking for new projects to deliver on its environmental commitments. In 2012, the company decided to engage in biodiversity protection and set up green roofs on its HQE-certified building as well as 2 hives to host hundreds of thousands of bees…

Groupe Up asked ekodev to set up the 3 hives, look after them and involve employees in the project, especially in thehoney harvest.

ekodev involved as many employees as possible in the project with technical interventions and events. Beekeeping set a great example to employees. ekodev’s partner beekeepers also trained employees in a beekeeping club. In 2013, Groupe Up set up 3 additional hives.

As a major actor in social economy, the Group’s objective is to continue with the beekeeping project and start new projects (eco mobility, agroforestry) to make its commitments on sustainability more concrete. Therefore, Groupe Up is also involved in reforestation in France: since 2013, the company has already planted more than 3,100 trees with ekodev!

Groupe Up

With 50 years experience, Groupe Up is an independent cooperative group. It is #3 in the market of social and cultural solutions, gifts and incentive tools.
26 million users
198,000 clients (companies, local authorities)
2,300 employees in 14 countries
1st company assessed on its social responsibility in its sector

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Les ruches du Groupe Up
Les ruches du Groupe Up
Groupe Up
Romain Gallice,
Communication and partnership manager

For 50 years, our group has been building on strong economic, social and environmental values.

With six beehives at our head office, we created internal cohesion and we communicated on our environmental engagement. Thanks to the beekeepers’ knowledge, our employees understand their role in protecting biodiversity and the planet.

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