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Saint James Paris Proud to harvest its own honey

The prestigious Saint James hotel in Paris wanted to produce its own honey, which is partly used by pastry chef, Mathias, to customise his work.

Guests have the privilege to taste his unique creations. Saint James Paris chose ekodev to set up two hives and raise awareness among its guests.

The hives are located in the garden, next to the restaurant’s terrace. Each year, guests can experience the honey harvest. They learn how important it is to protect bees and how essential they are to biodiversity conservation.

In 2013, the first harvest was rich. Guests were happy to buy honey pots; they could share them with friends and family back home and talk about biodiversity.

In the autumn, Mathias bakes about fifteen cakes every morning with rose water, lime zest, Madagascan vanilla and Saint James honey.

While producing its own honey and protecting bees, Saint James Paris also stands out from rival hotels.

Saint James Paris

Saint James Paris is a 19th century chateau in a chic area of Paris (16th arrondissement). Originally, it was founded by Madame Thiers, President Adolphe Thiers’ wife (president of the French 3rd Republic from 1871 to 1873). It was used as a school for boys.

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Saint James Paris
Florence Pitruzzella,
Club and Banquets Manager

We are pleased to have beehives in our garden.

Our guests become aware of the issues of local production and respect for biodiversity. We want to create a unique atmosphere for our club-hotel. This building is steeped in history and we are keen to continue that history.

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