idVerde Taking concrete action by planting trees around the site

id verde has a strong will to protect the environment. In fact, sustainable gardening is at the heart of its activity; it makes sure to use as little plant protection products and to select the best-adapted plant varieties with project designers. id verde offices are located all over France and one of them is in the largest French forest: the Landes Forest. On the night from January 23rd to 24th, 2009, the Klaus storm devastated the Landes Forest and had major socio-economic impacts.

In 2015, id verde wanted to take strong action to protect biodiversity, without any financial compensation. It decided to contribute to the reconstruction of the Landes Forest, planting one tree for each new construction project. 1,200 maritime pines were planted as part of a project selected by ekodev and Pur Projet.

Id verde and ekodev’s partnership continued with a joint contribution to the Jardins, Jardin event that took place in the Tuileries Garden from 2nd to 5th June 2016.


id verde is a leader in creation, rehabilitation and maintenance of gardens. As an expert in landscaping, the company works on various sites and living areas: parks, gardens, patios, urban arrangements, etc.

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Vanessa Farbos, in charge of communication and marketing 

The reforestation project was an opportunity to spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere.

It was a pleasure to really touch the soil, side by side with our regional director, Messanges office manager and the Mayor of Ychoux, who were all delighted with the initiative.

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