Filapi is an event agency specialised in corporate « Family Days ». During one of these events, organised in a company with an educationalapiary, Filapi met ekodev. During this family day, children could take part in a workshop organised by ekodev to discover the world of bees, hives, honey and biodiversity.

This event was a success and a partnership was created to organise other company family days on sustainable development and the environment. Filapi and ekodev collaborated more and more often with a service that meets the requirements of human resources departments for this kind of event: ekodev is an expert in raising awareness of sustainable development and Filapi is an expert in event organisation.

ekodev took part in events organised by Filapi for employees’ children and the younger generation discovered the challenges linked to bees and pollination. This kind of event is a good way to raise awareness among future generations and their parents, company employees, about biodiversity conservation.

During these workshops, the glass hive displaying thousands of bees was a great surprise for kids and grown-ups. ekodev organised workshops in honey tasting, wax modelling of candles and model bees, colouring-in, …


Filapi is an expert in entertainment for kids from 3 to 12 years old. It joined the Babilou group in 2014. Filapi has been specialised in the organisation of corporate Family Days for more than 10 years. Thanks to Filapi’s know-how, events can be tailored to companies’ needs, from the most basic to the more original, and always adapted to children on subjects such as the company’s values, products or projects.

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Alexia de Bernardy, Filapi’s founder -

Workshops to teach and entertain children…

… are an opportunity for families to have a good time, and to learn more about sustainable development.