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Maisons du Monde sets up beehives in its garden

Maisons du Monde is engaged in a CSR approach based on three main commitments: more sustainable products (traceability, ecodesign, environmental information, end of life), more sustainable trade (reduce GHG, optimise transport, reduce packaging) and a more humane company (training, short-term volunteer assignments, sponsorship).

Maisons du Monde works with ekodev on a project to fully integrate the preservation of ecosystem and employee awareness with the company’s CSR strategy. The headquarters are located in a chateau with a park by the river Sèvres; it used to be the property of Lefèvre-Utile family. To take advantage of the large garden, Maisons du Monde decided to integrate biodiversity into the parks and gardens maintenance.

Since the majority of its products are made out of wood, Maisons du Monde is aware of its impact on forest ecosystems and focuses its efforts on fighting deforestation: a partnership with NGOs (TFT, GFTN/WWF), a programme of sustainable management for thewood industry in India and Indonesia and a reforestation project in Brasil and Peru. Setting up three hives in the headquarters’ garden is a way to highlight the importance of biodiversity and bring employees together.

Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde is a real invitation to travel and discover the world. The store offers thousands of finely designed decorative objects and pieces of furniture. Its creations are inspired by current trends and cultures around the world.

More than 3,700 employees

800,000 euros donated each year for environmental protection

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Les ruches Maisons du Monde
Les ruches Maisons du Monde
Maisons du Monde
Fabienne Morgaut,
Head of Sustainable Development in Maisons du Monde

Beehives are a very good way to give a first introduction to biodiversity and its challenges.

ekodev combines the technical and sanitary management of our apiary with educational events for our employees. It is hard not to be thrilled by this project which combines an introduction to biodiversity, team building and local production!

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