PMU Reducing its environmental impact

In 2012, PMU measured its carbon footprint with ekodev, with no obligation to do so. 3 years later, PMU chose to update its calculation on a larger scale. To go beyond the mere accounting of greenhouse gas emissions caused by its activities, PMU implemented an action plan on waste management, office print rationalization, gaming ticket ecodesign…

With a view to reducing its environmental impact, PMU started a campaign to promote carpooling with BlaBlaCar in 2013. ekodev launched a dedicated site with many events and awareness tools. In addition, PMU supported one of ekodev’s reforestation projects in Peru, voluntarily offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions.

Horse races are PMU’s original activity and, like any activity, it has an impact on ecosystems. PMU was aware of this and wanted to take action to protect biodiversity. Therefore, the company chose to raise employee awareness of biodiversity issues and set up an educational apiary on its head office’s rooftop in Paris. Throughout the beekeeping season, events (setting up the hives, harvesting the honey, …) generated employees’ enthusiasm. After the honey harvest, 95% of honey pots were given away through contests or at breakfasts which give new life to the company. Some media also took an interest in this innovative approach, such as RMC with its report about bees on PMU’s rooftop.

To highlight employees’ creativity, PMU organised contests. For instance, the honey pot label, which was created by a graphic designer, was elected in an internal contest and also ranked first in the « label challenge » ekodev organised with all its partners hosting apiaries. The name « Petit Miel Urbain », as a nod to PMU, also won a corporate contest and is now a registered brandname.


PMU is the biggest betting operator in Europe and the 2nd biggest parimutuel company in the world.

1,400 employees in more than 30 sites

Over 1 billion euro turnover

ekodev projects for this client
Bilan carbone
Judicaël Lefebvre, Corporate Responsibility Manager

We chose to work with ekodev because they know how to listen and how to teach. This was what we needed to measure our carbon footprint with the Bilan Carbone® method.

We also appreciated the simple and effective solutions brought by consultants to face our issues. Our employees really liked the events that were organised to bring everyone together. Beehives are an amazing tool to raise awareness about biodiversity issues and also a very good way to create social links between employees.

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