Railtech International
Railtech International On the right track towards sustainability

Railtech wanted to measure life cycle analysis of its flagship product: rail clip. It turned to ekodev, the sustainability consulting firm.

Railtech headed towards sustainability thanks to eco-design. It uses renewable resources, respects their renewal rate during exploitation and encourages waste repurposing, reuse, repair and recycle as well as optimised transport. ekodev’s analysis proved the effectiveness of its initiatives to protect the environment. Then, Railtech also decided to offset its CO2 emissions through reforestation programmes. It really sets them apart and the company can be proud to let its customers know.

ekodev measured the rail clip’s carbon footprint taking its whole life cycle into account. Railtech was convinced by the results and repeated the approach on another clipping system.

Railtech International

Railtech International is an expert in clipping systems and rail welding. It is a major actor in the world rail industry. All entities are ISO 9001-certified and themost significant are also ISO 14001.

ekodev projects for this client
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Railtech International
Olivier Dovillers, Environment, Safety and Quality manager

We asked ekodev to carry out a life cycle analysis of some of our products for our customers, and they are very pleased.

We also took this opportunity to promote our new CSR approach to our technical departments and General Management. One of the highlights was receiving the certificate for planting trees in the Amazon in Brazil to offset our carbon emissions.

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