IDEX Involving your employees through eco-driving training

To remain consistent with its core activity which is the provision of services in energy and energy efficiency, IDEX asked ekodev to train its employees in eco-driving. The objective was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce costs related to energy (fuel) and car accidents, and to improve the safety and well-being of its employees.

In France, road accidents are the primary cause of death and they lead to significant costs. Reducing the number of road fatalities has long been a priority for IDEX and training in eco-driving comes as a complement to road safety training.

During training days on road safety organised by IDEX, around 150 employees were also trained in eco-driving in order to drive responsibly and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Economically speaking, the return on investment is undeniable: between 2013 and 2014, spending related to energy consumption was reduced, the damage costs IDEX is responsible for was reduced by 65% and their overall frequency fell by 25% among people who were trained in eco-driving. First-party insurance claims fell by 50% among these people.

IDEX owns a 2,500 car fleet with third-party insurance. So it is important to minimize first-party insurance claims in order to reduce related costs.


Created in 1963, IDEX is an independent, French, family-owned company. IDEX operates in the field of energy efficiency and supplies services to optimise energy resources to ensure its customers’ thermal comfort and reduce carbon footprint.

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Patrick Lacroix,Risk Manager at IDEX

Overall, our employees are satisfied. They have understood and taken a keen interest in the professional and personal benefits of learning eco-driving tips.