Leroy Merlin
Leroy Merlin encourages its customers to share cars

Leroy Merlin is mainly located out of towns. Customers are forced to drive to stores.

The company wanted to reduce its carbon footprint and give all its customers and employees access to mobility.

It is both a social and environmental issue and Leroy Merlin turned to ekodev, exclusive partner of BlaBlaCar, leader in carpooling.

ekodev implemented a customised carpooling system to provide for an alternative to individual car use. Leroy Merlin encouraged its customers and employees to share cars so that they all reduce travel expenses and their impact on the environment. Leroy Merlin promoted above all a friendly mode of transport. ekodev organised regular events to underline the importance of sustainable mobility. It also trained employees in eco-driving. Trained drivers were delighted to learn the secrets of a safe and economical way to drive.

Leroy Merlin

Pioneer of ADEO Group, Leroy Merlin France is now the DIY retail brand leader in the French market for home improvement and lifestyle.

Over 13 billion euro turnover

Over 63,000 employees

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Leroy Merlin
Pauline Toulemonde, Sustainable development manager

We want to help our employees and customers to reduce their environmental impact.

For us, the most important thing is to promote the benefits of carpooling and minimise the negatives. Employees need concrete explanations on carpooling, such as how much they can save by sharing cars. ekodev brings us this expertise.

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