Solocal Meeting digital challenges

Solocal Group is aware of the environmental challenges created by its digital transformation, hence its strategy to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and to manage waste electrical and electronical equipment (“WEEE”). To continue with its commitment to sustainable development, the Group turned to ekodev, the sustainability consulting and services firm, to raise employee awareness of these issues.

ekodev organised Environment Day and has a simple and inclusive approach. The programme included: a fair trade breakfast, an exhibition on biodiversity and a stand on bee protection. ekodev also exhibited a piece of ‘green art’ using electronic waste. On each topic, a communication kit explained the link between Solocal Group’s activity and its CSR strategy. The art happening is a way to remind employees that digital data produces waste that can harm the environment and it introduces them to eco-design challenges.

Three months later, Solocal Group employees in Bordeaux, Rennes, Roubaix, Sèvres and Lille were invited to discover sustainable transport modes during Mobility week, from September 9th to 16th, 2014. They had the opportunity to try ecodriving simulators and electric bicycles.


Solocal Group is the European leader in local digital communication. It offers content and service provision, media and advertising representation to facilitate contacts between professionals and consumers.

4,800 employees in France

17 strong and complementary brands (Pages Jaunes, Mappy, 123deal…)

Almost 1 billion euro turnover, including 68% on the Internet

ekodev projects for this client
Recyclage artistique
Conso responsable
Fabienne Baudouin,
in charge of Communications in Corporate Communications Department

It was a very good initiative to draw our employees’ attention …

… to WEEE issues and involve them in Solocal Group’s commitments. Fun events take them out of daily routine and raise awareness of CSR challenges to encourage them to be consistent with Solocal Group’s key commitments.