The town of Saint Mandé
The town of Saint Mandé Taking concrete action to develop carpooling in the area.

In 2014, town councillors decidedto promote carpooling among Saint-Mandé residents in order to develop sustainable mobility in the area. It wasalso an excellent way to relieve traffic congestion on the streets. With this in mind, Saint Mandé chose ekodev and Blablacar to guide them and go further with other projects related to sustainable development.

As well as implementing a carpooling platform and a communication plan with ekodev to raise employees and residents’ awareness, Saint-Mandé provided two dedicated parking spaces for carpooling at the entrance to the town, next to “Saint-Mandé” subway station. To support this project/initiative, Saint-Mandé created the “Carpooler-friendly Town” label. This label contributed to raising awareness among residents, just like the ekodev/Blablacar stand at Saint-Mandé’s first urban show for sustainable mobility, on May 30th 2015. More than just a way to travel, carpooling is seen as a great example of the sharing economy. Many residents praised this system which restores trust in relationships. In addition, Saint-mandé lauched a task force to write a charter on “responsible town officials” in order to promote carpooling among officials (more than 500 people) and set an example for all Saint-Mandé residents.

Ville de Saint-Mandé

Saint-Mandé is a French town with 22,602 inhabitants located in the Val-de-Marne department in the Île-de-France region. Also part of Paris eastern suburb, at the heart of the Bois de Vincennes, which is a large wooded area, Saint-Mandé is very involved in sustainability.

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The town of Saint Mandé
Florence Crocheton, Deputy Mayor for town planning, heritage, sustainability and housing in Saint-Mandé

We want to be the model of an eco-friendly town with our policy on urban mobility. It’s about more than just savings and the environmental benefits; this approach also creates new ways for our citizens to relate to one another.