For several years, Tremblay-en-France has been investing a lot in projects (awareness, equipment, etc.) encouraging residents to change their mobility habits.

Contributing to the protection of the town’s natural environment and encouraging town employees to change their mobility habits, especially those who work at town hall, is one of the town’s priorities.

In order to set an example for other organizations and to integrate all initiatives already implemented into a more comprehensive approach and a more consistent strategy, the town councillors decided to implement a mobility plan.

A mobility plan is a way to address many issues whether economic (employees’ travel expenses, car fleet, car parking, etc.), legal (“Plan de Protection de l’Atmosphère” (Atmosphere Protection Plan) and Grenelle 2 (law on environmental issues)), social (accessibility, social climate, stress, fatigue, etc.) or environmental (pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, etc.).

Tremblay-en-France asked ekodev to implement a mobility plan which gave another dimension to its policy on mobility by encouraging behaviour change among its employees. During the analysis phase, ekodev studied the accessibility to the site. Then, employees reported on their habits and expectations regarding mobility in a customized survey. An event was organised to involve town employees in the project and raise awareness of sustainable mobility. After the analysis phase, ekodev mobility consultants recommended an action plan to the members of the town council and town employees.

Ville de Tremblay-en-France

Tremblay-en-France is a French town located in the Seine-Saint-Denis department in Île-de-France region. It has more than 34,000 inhabitants and is part of the “Terre de France” agglomeration community.

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Anne SANGANI, in charge of Sustainable development – Technical services / Sustainable development Mission

ekodev provided us with the best project, both in terms of the method used and the cost.

The onsite event ekodev organised was a high point. It was a way to raise our employees’ awareness of mobility issues. The event was very effective and encouraged many people to respond to the analysis survey on their habits.