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Pur Projet was born in 2008 under the leadership of Tristan Lecomte, founder of Alter Eco. The collective works for companies that want to get involved in Insetting projects, which means assessing and reducing their social and environmental impacts by integrating innovative environmental projects to their core business (agroforestry, reforestation and forest conservation). Projects are mainly implemented in supply chains and companies' spheres of influence to regenerate the ecosystems they depend on. 5 million trees have already been planted. Just like Pur Projet, we believe projects of reforestation create shared value and bring a real benefit to the environment and to local communities.

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Take concrete action
by planting trees around your site
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Take concrete action
preserving forests and local communities
Railtech International Railtech International
Build your approach to sustainability
certifying your products' ecodesign
Thanks to our agroforestry programmes, you can integrate forests into your value chain and take part in preserving ecosystems and the independence of local communities. You also improve your company’s sustainable and environmental performances by perpetuating your supply chain, your local presence and by offsetting your CO2 emissions...
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