Our services
CSR Consulting
Structuring your approach to Sustainable Development 
Biodiversity Audit
Managing your impact on biodiversity to protect natural capital
Mobility Plan
Optimise your transport policy to protect the environment and the well-being of your employees
Raising Awareness
Involving your employees in your Sustainable Development strategy
Déclaration de performance extra-financière
Améliorer et piloter ses performances extra-financières
Committing to support biodiversity with urban beekeeping
Carbon accounting with the Bilan Carbone® method
Get to know and understand your CO2 emissions to manage them better 
Plan Climat-Air-Énergie Territorial
Maîtriser et réduire les émissions et les consommations de votre territoire
Protecting the environment and creating social ties while you travel
Urban agriculture
Promote a healthy, ecological and productive form of agriculture
Driving safely for the environment as well as for employees’ well-being
Conseil en gestion des espaces verts
Améliorer ses pratiques pour une gestion responsable des espaces verts 
Aménagements pour la biodiversité
Préserver et développer la biodiversité locale
Protecting the forest, its biodiversity and its inhabitants
Learning more about Sustainable Development and CSR issues