Our services
CSR Strategy & Deployment
Understand and manage your environmental,  social and societal impact
Biodiversity Audit & Strategy
Understand and manage your impact on biodiversity in order to protect natural capital
Mobility Plan
Optimise your transport policy to protect the environment and the well-being of your employees
Carbon accounting with the Bilan Carbone® method
Understand and manage your greenhouse gas emissions
Non-financial reporting
Improve and manage your non-financial performance
Educational Beekeeping
Raise awareness and unite around pollinating insects and biodiversity
Promote more eco-friendly, affordable and convivial means of transport
Territorial Climate-Air-Energy Plan
Manage and reduce the consumption and emissions produced by your territory
Communication and Raising Awareness
Involve your collaborators in your Sustainable Development strategy
Urban agriculture
Promote a healthy, ecological and productive form of agriculture
Train your collaborators to drive more safely and environmentally friendly
Consulting in Green Space Management
Improve your practices for a responsable form of green space management 
Economie Circulaire
Définir et mettre en place une stratégie de transition vers l’économie circulaire
Reforestation & Agroforestry
Restore and develop our ecosystems by incorporating the forest into your value chain
Learn more about Sustainable Development issues and CSR strategy
Biodiversity Solutions
Preserve and develop local biodiversity