Biodiversity Audit & Strategy
Biodiversity Audit & Strategy
Understand and manage your impact on biodiversity in order to protect natural capital

All economic activity depends on biodiversity through the many essential services that it provides, such as the provision of raw materials, freshwater etc. and regulatory services including oxygen production, water treatment, carbon storage, etc. Yet business activity has a direct impact on ecosystems: overexploitation of resources, habitat fragmentation, various types of pollution, climate change and the introduction of invasive species.

ekodev helps you to understand and manage your impact on biodiversity, in order to protect natural capital, secure your value chain and guarantee the longevity of your activity. We help you to structure your biodiversity strategy and to integrate it into the daily running of your company as well as your environmental management. Whether it be for your site or sector, we identify your main challenges in biodiversity, define your strategy, in co-construction with your stakeholders, and deploy alongside you a concrete action plan, in collaboration with local players (funding searches, creation of sustainable partnerships, drafting of specifications, charters etc.).  

Biodiversity Audit & Strategy
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