CSR Consulting
CSR Consulting
Structuring your approach to Sustainable Development 

Beyond legal requirements, CSR consulting and reporting give you the opportunity to assess the effectiveness and relevance of your commitments and to promote themto your employees and stakeholders. It’s an opportunity to define your strategy and makenew commitments while implementing well-adapted, concrete initiatives.

ekodev helps you structure your approach and provides you with methods and tools (referentials, software, labels for instance) for a complete reporting involving all your stakeholders, a definition of your values, the analysis of your materiality and the construction of your action plan.

CSR Consulting
Our projects CSR Consulting
Foncière INEA structure sa stratégie RSE avec ses parties prenantes Foncière INEA
Build your approach to sustainability
en impliquant ses parties prenantes
Castalie Castalie
Build your approach to sustainability
en réalisant le Bilan Carbone® de votre produit 
Le Groupe La poste Le Groupe La poste
Involve your employees
dans votre politique de réduction des émissions
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Carbon accounting with the Bilan Carbone® method
Get to know and understand your CO2 emissions to manage them better 
Raising Awareness
Involving your employees in your Sustainable Development strategy
Mobility Plan
Optimise your transport policy to protect the environment and the well-being of your employees