Promote more eco-friendly, affordable and convivial means of transport

The transport sector represents more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. Car use in urban areas is particularly to blame for these emissions. The numerous journeys we undertake every day, notably to get to work, have an impact on our environment, health (air quality, well-being, etc.) and wallet.

ekodev helps you to promote carsharing in your company. Through various communications tools, workshops, a study of the potential, a survey of practices, etc., we help you to reduce individual car use amongst your collaborators.

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Our projects Carsharing
The town of Saint Mandé Ville de Saint-Mandé
Take concrete action
promoting carpooling in the area
Adecco Adecco
Involve your employees
helping your employees and temps to share cars
Leroy Merlin Leroy Merlin
Promote your commitments to your customers
and your employees with carpooling
Our services
Carbon accounting with the Bilan Carbone® method
Understand and manage your greenhouse gas emissions
Train your collaborators to drive more safely and environmentally friendly
Mobility Plan
Optimise your transport policy to protect the environment and the well-being of your employees