Educational Beekeeping

Educational Beekeeping

Raise awareness and unite around pollinating insects and biodiversity

The installation of domestic beehives is a turnkey and structured project that is virtuous for businesses, but not an end in itself! Biodiversity erosion does not spare pollinating insects. Indispensable to plant reproduction, these insects are essential elements in ecosystem and biodiversity preservation. Raw materials, agriculture, food.... the services provided by pollinating insects are vital!

ekodev accompanies you in the installation of an educational beehive on your site in order to raise awareness and bring your collaborators together around the pollinating insects and local biodiversity. From the administrative and sanitary aspects of colony management to event organisation and training sessions (honey harvesting, putting honey into jars, introduction to beekeeping, beekeeping club etc.), we put into place, by your side, a unifying and virtuous initiative. Educational beekeeping projects represent a first point of contact between businesses and biodiversity towards a more substantial and complete biodiversity strategy.

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Educational Beekeeping
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Lagardère Travel Retail France Lagardère Travel Retail France
Involve your employees
en installant un rucher pédagogique
Involve your employees
en intégrant un rucher pédagogique au sein de votre écosystème
L’Urssaf Île-de-France L’Urssaf Île-de-France
Involve your employees
en intégrant un rucher pédagogique au sein de votre écosystème
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