Urban agriculture

Urban agriculture

Promote a healthy, ecological and productive form of agriculture

Setting up urban gardens - either using hydroponics or planting in soil - is a way to restore and enrich biodiversity on your sites and in cities. These gardens are also a place to live in, to share, and to foster well-being. They are a way to involve people and raise awareness of food issues, agriculture, biodiversity, health and sustainable development.

After analysing local challenges regarding biodiversity, we defined projects including every aspects of a sustainable approach (far beyond merely installing a garden). These projects include a well-adapted range of plants and they are inspired by agroecology and permaculture techniques. They also integrate local communities and welfare-to-work programmes.

In order to give life to the project, we help you with the communication and raising awareness. Our objective: to build a project that brings people together, creates social bonds and reconnects Human to Nature.

Urban agriculture
Our work Urban agriculture
Involve your employees
with a teaching garden
Fermes d'Avenir Fermes d'Avenir
Take concrete action
integrating an educational apiary into your ecosystem
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Biodiversity Audit & Strategy
Understand and manage your impact on biodiversity in order to protect natural capital
Educational Beekeeping
Raise awareness and unite around pollinating insects and biodiversity
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Restore and develop our ecosystems by incorporating the forest into your value chain